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Welcome to Fantasy Ranch

Located northeast of Reno, Nevada, this fictional theme park for adults is the brainchild of Harlan “Harley” Majors and his sister, Betsy. Fantasy fulfillment is the name of the game, though prostitution is strictly prohibited. That’s not to say consenting adults can’t have a little fun, of course...

The ranch is like a small town, made up of four rows of cement buildings sporting themed facades that look out on two main gravel roads. There’s an actual dude ranch adjacent, and at the back, a chapel complete with a weathered graveyard on one side, and a community park on the other. Weddings routinely take place in the large white gazebo beside a little stream, and the bodies in the graveyard have been there for centuries. Some say ghosts roam the compound at night, but Ian Mitchell, the on-site minister is quick to reassure visitors that it’s just the desert wind blowing through the old trees. Some nights it could be the dull roar of race cars at the nearby track where guests can experience a 200 mile-per-hour ride.

There’s something for every appetite at the ranch, from a biker themed bar to an old west saloon, a sultan’s harem to a medieval castle, and more "vanilla" fare such as a salon and a clinic (staffed by real medical personnel, of course). And for those who fantasize about love in the produce section, the grocery store/cafeteria could be the place to find a soul mate.

Anything is possible at Fantasy Ranch...

I hope you enjoy poking around the site, and discovering this fictional world that has captivated me. The environment lends itself to remarkable characters, and I’m happy to be able to share their stories with you.