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The Biker's Wench

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The Biker's Wench

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On the run from her father and the marriage he wants to force on her, Monica Burns gets a job at Fantasy Ranch outside Reno, Nevada. Her hopes of staying in one place for awhile are dashed when he tracks her there, but before she can run again she gets an offer she can’t refuse from adult playground owner Harlan “Harley” Majors.

Harley’s lawyers have advised him that getting married is the best solution for his current legal issues. When Monica reveals her predicament, he offers a marriage of convenience as the solution to both of their problems. But the union catapults them into a world of smuggling and lies, where the only way to survive is to work together.

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The Minister's Maid

Betsy Majors has had a crush on her brother’s best friend Ian since they were kids. The only problem is, she’s a bad girl…and he’s a minister. He resists her advances, but she can’t seem to stop making them, even when her brother warns her to back off. She’s positive he feels something for her, and just won’t let himself admit it.

Ian Mitchell has wanted Betsy ever since he saw her skinny dipping at the lake when they were fifteen. She’s always been a wild child though, and he knows he can’t tame her, and he can’t be the carefree guy she needs. But when her untoward past catches up with her and an old flame decides to spark things up, Ian is forced to protect the woman he loves by any means necessary, even if it means embracing the dark side he’s held secret all these years. 

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Future Planned Novels**

The Handyman's Harem Girl

The Artist's Attorney

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